#4 Stonewall Jackson Shrine

Fleeter Log #4 
Stonewall Jackson Shrine

2005 July 30
59 miles 

The Route:
We left Fredericksburg and headed southwest on 208 to Spotsylvania. Made it through Fredericksburg, but a few miles down 208 coming into Spotsylvania---we hit RAIN. We pulled into Spotsy and took cover at the SunTrust Bank drive-thru teller window.

We wait…nothing but gray clouds and a steady drizzle. We decide to walk across the street and down a half a block to the Courthouse Café and take in a burger – hoping the time might allow the rain to move on past. After about an hour we emerge from the café – glad to see that it is not raining, but the sky is still gray all around, allowing no blue sky to break through anywhere.

We decide to continue, hoping that we can ride past it and have a dry ride the rest of the afternoon. No such luck. Less than 5 miles out of town, we started getting wet all over again. Still no break in the sky. We choose to cut our loses and head home. We decide to take 606 to Thornburg, catch route 1 to drive north back to Fredericksburg. We really need to get some raingear... However, when we reached Thornburg the sun was making an effort to shine on our afternoon so we make a quick stop at the grocery store in Thornburg and give the weather a chance to decide what it’s doing…rain or sun?! The rain let up and we saw a sign … “Jackson Shrine” ahead 5 miles. Talked us into it. Maybe the day wouldn’t be a total loss despite the wet beginnings. So we continue east on 606 approximately 5 miles to visit the place of Stonewall Jackson’s death known as the Jackson Shrine –The Chandler Plantation.

While at the Shrine, a large group of Boy Scouts arrived. The Boy Scout Jamboree is currently in full gear just a few miles away at Fort AP Hill. 

Leaving the Jackson Shrine, we took east 606 to Hwy 2 (bordering Fort AP Hill) to come back into Fredericksburg.
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