#20 Bryan & Bellville

(Going To Texas)
2006 May 20-26

While staying with a friend and her family in Magnolia a took a couple day trips to visit other friends in that area of Texas.

Trip Day 24
2006 May 22, Monday
212 miles

Magnolia to Bryan, Snook, Brenham back to Bryan, then back to Magnolia

I made a couple of day trips while staying with a friend in Magnolia, Texas.

On Monday, May 22nd, I rode to College Station/Bryan to visit with Jamie, an old friend from Orange, Texas. We took a ride to Brenham, where we enjoyed a leisurely lunch, shot some pool, and did lots of "catching up," since we hadn't seen each other in over 4 years.

Snook, Texas

Trip Day 25
2006 May 23, Tuesday
133 miles

Magnolia to Bellville and back to Magnolia

The next day, I traveled through Hempstead, Texas on my way to Bellville to meet a new-old friend. Highway 159 crossing the Brazos River. The Brazos River, Pecan trees, and Johnson grass...this must be Texas.Bellville, TexasThe Old Austin County Jail...now a museum. "Cowboy" is the blacksmith at The Blacksmith Shop in Bellville.
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  1. Claye...now you're hanging around in God's (and my) country.
    Hempstead used to be called Six-gun Junction because of all the gunfights.
    Theory is still in practice today.
    Question: How to tell a Texas bar?
    Answer: When you walk in the door they frisk you. If you don't have a gun, they give you one.