#18 NOLA to Orange

(Going To Texas)

Trip Day 12
2006 May 10, Wednesday
330 miles

New Orleans, LA to Orange, TX

On my way to Texas, I stop in St. Amant, LA to mail a package home of used maps and things I've collected, but don't need to carry with me as I continue on my adventure.
Leaving St. Amant, I am distracted with a nice road following a bayou. It’s such a fun road; I follow it even though I find myself heading northeast...that's not the heading to follow if I want to get to Texas!
Leaning into the curves...

East of Baton Rouge, I find I12 and ride it back west through Baton Rouge and on to Lafayette. Then I turn north to Opelousas before turning back west again toward Texas on US190.

Railroad museum in De Quincy, LA.
Near Vinton, LA
LOOK! Is that a "Welcome to Texas" sign up ahead?!
Virginia to Texas: I accomplished the first half of the goal of this trip. I had never crossed a state line riding a motorcycle. Now, I have. Several. I'm kinda liking this roaming around on Fleeter stuff.I make it to Orange, Texas on Wednesday afternoon just before thunderstorms hit.
Fleeter is safe in my friend's garage. Sorry Jerry...I beat you to your spot! Carolyn said I could!

Trip Day 14
2006 May 12, Saturday
60 miles

The last time I saw Amber, she was 7 years old and on her way to dance class. Now she's 23 years old and a nurse at the local hospital. Today she wants to go ride with me on Fleeter! FLEETER HO, here we go! We take a short 60 mile spin around southeast Texas.

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