Introducing Fleeter

Virginia has some beautiful scenic back roads. I decided the best way to experience them would be in the open wind from a the saddle of a motorcycle.

So on June 21, 2005 …
I got one.

This is my Yamaha V Star 1100 Custom ... dubbed Fleeter.

And this is me with Fleeter.

I have decided to take as many pictures as I can while out seeing the world from Fleeter's back and will be sharing some of my stories and photo journal in the Fleeter Log.

And there is a story on where I got the name FLEETER.
...bonus points to anyone that might figure it out.

Stay tuned ... the road trips have already begun.

The first roadtrip ended with a fireworks display.
This may be the sign of adventures to come.

Tag along and see what we can find out there in the great beyond.

A Journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. --Lao Tzu

Stepping Out,

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