#5 Crozier, VA

2005 July 31
150 miles
There are so many interesting little towns to be found on the back roads of Virginia.
Just down the road from Mineral is the community of Cuckoo. I was hoping to get a photo of something like "Cuckoo Rescue Department" - but no such luck. My mind filled with all kinds of possibilities, but had to settle for the city limit sign. Small place...not many Cuckonian residents...
This is Apple Grove, a wide place in the road south of Cuckoo. I like the old painted signs on the brick buildings.
Continued south past Interstate 64 near Gum Spring. Past Goochland and Maidens, but just before Crozier we passed a large Virginia State Corrections Facility -- Saw no hitchhikers though.

Note the price of gasoline…before Katrina and Rita hit the Gulf Coast.

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