#150b Catfish & Friends

Fleeter Log #150b
Catfish & Friends

Day 3 - Saturday
October 3, 2009
311 miles

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Clinton, TN to Cullman, AL

Today I have a lunch date near Chattanooga with a few dozen friends from across the country.

This sort of gathering happens when someone get motivated to call a RTE (Ride To Eat) and this time someone was in the mood for catfish.

You never know what kind of little gems one might come across when wandering the back roads. This morning for my unexpected treat, I spotted these classic old cars in a showroom as I rode through Harriman, Tennessee.

  Train Depots are always a reason to stop for a photo op.
Spring City, Tennessee Depot

Coming into Chattanooga, I was running just early enough that I squeezed in a quick side trip down to Alabama to the Russell Cave National Monument before Catfish.

Russell Cave National Monument near Bridgeport, Alabama

After my 65 mile sidetrip to Russell Cave, I made it back to the Riverside Catfish House on the banks of the Tennessee River. A few folks were outside kickin' tires when I arrived.

 These are the kind of friends I get to enjoy the company of at these RTEs. These three just happen to be from Illinois (Terry), Georgia (Charles), and Kentucky (Greg).
Terry, Charles, Greg

Mark, me, Russell
RTE over. Catfish ate, friends scattering back to which they came ... or whatever direction the road calls them from here. I ready myself to load up and head back into Alabama ... a bit deeper this time.

One last picture with Scott, the guy that called a few friends together to join him for catfish.

Heading into the Deep South .... Alabama.

Plans came together just right and I met up with Sylvia in NE Alabama middle of the afternoon. We made it to Cullman, Alabama for the night. Tomorrow we head West.

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