#149 Northern Neck

Fleeter Log #149
Northern Neck

2009 Sept 19

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The Northern Neck may be a peninsula, but it is not The Peninsula. Of the three peninsulas that make up the shoreline between Jamestown and the Potomac, the Northern Neck is, indeed, the northern most. And the Middle Peninsula is actually the middle of the three. The peninsula on the southern end closer to Jamestown is simply The Peninsula. It's apparent by the inconsistency of the names that those with the naming powers weren't interested in coming together in harmonious accord and simply come up with three names that sounded like they might be found on the map next to each other as neighbors. No, they couldn't even agree on using the term Neck or Peninsula. Sounds like how politicians are running the country today ... no clue what harmonious accord might mean or how to incorporate it into the running of the country. No, in politics it's all about winning, not about using common sense to do what's best for the country.
Northern Neck Bottling Company in Montross, Virginia

Westmoreland County Courthouse

Hwy 3 (Kings Hwy) in Montross, Virginia

Mollusk, Virginia

A local Colonial Tavern has been restored and now serves lunch to those wishing to participate in the tavern experience of 1795.
Rices Hotel & Houghletts Tavern

Old Jail of Northumberland County, Virginia
Heathsville, Virginia

Riding through the streets of Lancaster, I see an example of how the streets have encroached closer to the old buildings. But even though streets and buildings seem to try to occupy the same place at the same time, neither one quite wins the battle.

Instead, they meet together at the curb.

The Old Clerk's Office (circa 1797) has been restored and is home to the Mary Ball Washington Museum & Library.

George Washington's mother, Mary Ball Washington, was born just eight miles from here. Being the mother of the Father of our Country ... Does this make Mary Ball Washington the Grandmother of our Country?

The Old Jail is also a part of the Mary Ball Washington historic site.

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  1. Looks great, as does so much of VA. It's wonderful place to ride. We're 'stationed' not so far from you, over in Charlottesville. We usually head west, into the mountains, but it looks like there are places to the east equally deserving attention. I think before we leave this crazy commonwealth, which is going to be in just a couple of months, I may try to get over there. We've got a tentative plan to run the length of the parkway south from Waynesboro, also.

    It's a state full of great riding.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  2. I like your blog it is very interesting! I hope in your travels you make it to Montana. Check out the Beartooth Highway in southern Montana as well as Glacier National Park and the Going to the Sun road in Northwestern Montana It is all worth it!

  3. Thanks for your note. I have made it to Montana, but not the places you named. They are still on my "to-do list"! I stayed a couple days in Missoula and rode that area before moving on to Idaho. I know there is much more to see and hope to get back there to start checking some of those roads off my list!