#132 F650GS Twin

Fleeter Log #132
2008 August 31

The stable has another set of wheels!

The RT is great for touring, but it is a heavy bike 600 pounds. Even with the seat lowered there's a lot of top weight with all that fairing for me wrestle. It's a great ride and the weight is not an issue when moving down the highway at speeds in the rain or cool weather. But sometimes Claye just wants something a little lighter in the tread to take out to play with and not think anything about getting distracted and wandering down some dirt or gravel roads.

Enter the new 2009 F650GS twin into the picture. It's a dual sport machine meaning that it is a capable ride on or off pavement. A dual sport is a bike that I can take the freeway to several states away then play on the rougher roads once I get there. Or get as distracted by the roads "less traveled" as much as time will allow when I'm headed to some destination far away. BMW had been promising this new model for awhile and I finally jumped in line a couple months before they hit the showroom floors. Most have been claimed with a deposit (sight unseen) before they even arrived in the USA. I was lucky enough to be the first customer at Morton's BMW to take delivery of one.

Since I've picked it up, I've already taken two longer trips on the RT rather than committing to a multiple state, 1000s of miles on a motorcycle that I haven't gotten used to. Every trip on the RT I bond with it more and more. Matter of fact, I put the deposit on the GS before Da Yoop trip. When I got back home, I started having second thoughts about whether I should get the GS -- I was liking the RT that much. I was scared that I wouldn't ride the GS. But when it arrived, I couldn't give up the idea of the GS. Of course, the movie "Long Way Down" came out about that time too. I was too "ate up" with the GS idea by then!

There's plenty of chatter about the new F650GS twins all over the Internet, but the short version is . . .
This a detuned version of the new F800GS twin bringing the HP down from 85 to 71. It has a slightly lower seat and a few other differences from the F800GS.

Details can be found here:


But on with the show!
Here's the official BMW marketing photo.
2009 F650GS Twin

And here I am with Jeff Dunkle in front of Morton's BMW taking possession of my new GS!

And this photo is with a few farkles (goodies) added to it after taking it in for the 600 mile break-in service.
BMW Vario side cases and top case, Marsee tank bag, SW Motech crash bars, SW Motech center stand, and direct wired for the GPS. I added the taller windscreen from SW Motech when I got it home. It's shaping up to be worthy to travel a few miles. It's probably weighing about 450 pounds now with farkles added.

Here's the new look. What do you think? I'm thinking red will show well in the Fleeter Logs!
Sitting pretty in the Fredericksburg National Battlefield.

Looking forward to making some miles and travel stories riding on the GS!

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