#64 Fort Pulanski, GA

Key West Trip
March 18-25, 2007
Day 7
285 miles

The next morning while getting some coffee and a bagel, I met a little girl from Monroe, NC. Her name is Montana and she was on her way to Disney World with her family and Flat Stanley. I chatted with her a bit. I think she was surprised I knew all about the Flat Stanley saga. She was shy about it, but her Dad helped her up on Fleeter for a photo-op...for her Flat Stanley story and the Fleeter Log.
We left the Comfort Inn in Brunswick, GA heading to Savannah.

Our next stop 85 miles away -- Fort Pulaski on the east side of Savannah.

Driving through Savannah toward Tybee Island.

Entering Fort Pulaski. Yes, they were firing the cannon...and it was LOUD!

Crossing over one of the Savannah River estuaries on Fort Pulaski National Monument property.

Top of the perimeter wall looking down into the compound of Fort Pulaski.

Looking out to Tybee Island. See the lighthouse?

From this direction the Union Army attacked the Confederates in Fort Pulaski. This is the side that received the most damage during the attack.More of the damage along the same side.A close up of mortar still in the wall.A view of the moat surrounding the fort from inside the fort. That's the visitor center in the background.
Visitors coming up to the gang plank entry to enter into the fort.

Story of the "waving girl."

Ship going back out to sea along the channel leading to downtown Savannah.

I took it's picture, but I DID NOT run out to wave at it. Riding back to Savannah. You always have to be on watch for the critters on the road.

Once we made it back into South Carolina, we decided to get off the freeway and enjoy some smaller US highways. This is where you see more of the interesting stuff.

We made it into Florence, SC for the night. We stopped in Santee to check room availability for the night. I found a coupon room still available at the Sleep Inn. An hour later (7:30pm) we were checking in and eating fresh cookies at the front desk!

Night in Florence, SC


Day 8

356 miles

The next morning we took a relaxed start at 9:30am heading home.

We can tell we're working our way north -- not just by the map, but by the weather. We've left the high 70 degree weather behind for 60-70 degree weather. The sun is shining so it's still great riding weather. But at a gas stop in North Carolina, we decided it was time to trade the summer mesh jackets for warmer textile. Brrr, it's getting chilly again!

We decided it was time for something to eat when we made a fuel stop in Petersburg, VA.

Nearby, we found a great little Italian place nearby -- Rosa's.

We were delayed by an accident that initiated stop'n'go traffic north of Richmond, but still made it home by 5:30pm. Even had time to start a fire. We gathered around and reminisced about our trip to Key West.

Total trip: 2,477 miles

Total trip time: 8 days, 7 nights

States fleetered in this trip: 5

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