#22 Houston & Magnolia

(Going To Texas)

Trip Days 20-40
2006 May & June

I planned on spending several days with my good friends in Houston and Magnolia. Those days turned into several more when a weather system settled over the area bringing days of rain. That was fine with me. I always enjoy spending quality time with old friends...as long as they will put up with me. And Fleeter was happily tucked inside a dry garage!

In north Houston, I stayed with Andrea, her husband Michael and the pups...
The Schnauzer pups... Baron the giant, and Anton the miniature.

Rita took care of my housing needs in Magnolia.
Rita with her kids (and me) in MagnoliaMoving on down the road
Lee County courthouse in Giddings, Texas The Lost Pines of Bastrop on hwy 21. FM20 between Bastrop and Lockhart...
I think I know someone that lives around here...

In Rockne, Fleeter gets a curious sniff from a new friend.
I had to love on the Rat Terrier puppies one more time before leaving!
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