#15 GTT kicks off

(Going To Texas)

Trip Days 1 & 2 - Saturday & Sunday
2006 April 29-30
278 miles

Fredericksburg, VA to Kitty Hawk, NC

My GTT trip has finally begun! I was delayed a couple weeks in getting on the road, but today the wheels start rolling. Most of the delays had something to do with farkling. Farkles are items that you add to your motorcycle. Some people believe a farkle has to be shiny to count. Not me. I think it's any addition I make to the bike. You've already seen the saddlebags and a wind deflector added to Fleeter. But two new biggies are: 1) Mustang Seat 2) Garmin StreetPilot 2730 GPS.
These additions have proven themselves to be the most valuable I have made to Fleeter. The Mustang Seat allows me to ride farther than my fuel tank. In other words, I don't feel the need to stop and give my butt a rest before I need to stop to re-fuel anyway.

Fleeter all packed up and ready to pull out.
Sylvia and I left Saturday afternoon (April 29) at about 3pm from Fredericksburg, VA and made it to Williamsburg, VA for the night. The next day, we pass Dismal Swamp Canal on our way south to North Carolina.The state line into North Carolina is the first of many state lines Fleeter and I will cross.
The winds picked up the closer we got to North Carolina's Outer Banks. The wind was really whipping us around as we drove across the Wright Memorial Bridge into Kitty Hawk. I laid down as flat as possible across the fuel tank, but it was still difficult to maintain control of Fleeter as the wind gusts came blasting across the water -hitting us broadside. Watching the weather reports later, I learned that the winds were 20-30mph with 40mph gusts. We didn't doubt it a bit! Temps were in the mid 50s.
This is at the visitor center just past the Wright Bridge entering Kitty Hawk in Dare County, North Carolina. I got a room for the night at a great little place in Kitty Hawk, right across NC12 on the Atlantic Ocean--Buccaneer Motel. A great little inexpensive motor inn for about $50 per night!
We walk across the street to take a few photos of the Atlantic Ocean before the blowing sand chases us back to the protected side of the sand dunes.
The wind is so strong that it whips up the water and leaves a frothy foam behind as the waves recede back out to sea.
I made myself at home at the motel and Sylvia started her ride back home.With Sylvia going back home, I am on my own for the rest of the way to Texas. This will be my first long motorcycle trip - and solo at that!

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