#142m Pennsylvania's Backroad Post Offices

Fleeter Log #142m
 Pennsylvania's Backroad Post Offices

Day 15 - Sunday
June 21, 2009
320 miles
Lamar, PA to Fredericksburg, VA
Entire trip here on Spotwalla

I saddled up under a wet sky, but the rest of the day was one reward after another. It made the wet start just a minor annoyance in my distant memory before the day was done.

The first small post office digitally documented today is in Lamar. I didn't know at the time that this would be a theme throughout the day.

PA445 runs south of Lamar to Madisonburg. It's only 7 miles long, but it offers plenty of joy in that short distance.

At the end of PA445, this unique post office was waiting for me to take its photo with the GS.

First, the old barn got my attention, then I saw the black horse. Then, I had to stop for a few photos.

No doubt he had been wallowing around in the mud from the overnight rains!

Let me pass on a small warning to anyone stopping to take photos: Watch where you step! I almost trod right over this guy.  He didn't seem to be too worried about getting stepped on though. I suppose he just figured that he was there first and I could go around him.
The good news is, no rattles giving me warning since it's just a small rat snake. So I left him alone ... after snapping a few shots of him.

Reedsville, PA

Allensville, PA

Mill Creek, PA

Cassville, PA

Saltillo, PA
I couldn't resist this picturesque old mill building in Saltillo.

In Robertsdale, I took Six Mile Run Road to Coaldale. It ended near this post office.
Six Mile Run, PA

Just a mile down the road, I come across another unique post office in Defiance, PA.

Riding down PA28, minding my own business, enjoying the scenery and then it happened ... I saw a sign for a covered bridge. Well, we all know that I seldom have the will power to resist those!

Rainsburg, just another impeccably groomed small town found on the backroads of Pennsylvania.

Then another covered bridge. Apparently, Bedford County, Pennsylvania has 14 covered bridges. I stumbled across two of them.
When I looked back up the trail from the creek and caught this view of the GS, my heart skipped a beat. That's my GS! What a great looking motorcycle. I am so lucky to get to ride around the country on that!

It really is no wonder that I don't make better time during the day. The simple nature of pure fleetering keeps me plenty distracted with small post offices, old barns, covered bridges, etc. The roads leading to these fleetering treasures tend to be those of the smaller variety. That's the only excuse I have to explain how I find myself on roads such as this -- at least this one is paved.
Sweetroot Natural Area, Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry

Then some more roads like this one as I make my way through southern Pennsylvania toward the Maryland state line.

Bridges don't have to be covered to catch my eye. This old bridge off to the right of the newer bridge deserved a U turn for a closer look. The road was blocked off to the bridge, but I was able to park and walk across it.

See the little guy there? Does he look a bit out of place? The little mule's momma is likely in the bunch, but I didn't see his daddy anywhere around. For those readers that aren't aware, a mule is the offspring of a female horse and a male donkey.

A few more miles through Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia and the next thing you know ... I'm home.

Total Trip:  2,794 miles in 15 days through 7 states

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  1. What a great post. The pictures of these little post offices are just precious. Its really the little moments in life that can be so rewarding.

    "...The simple nature of pure fleetering keeps me plenty distracted with small post offices, old barns, covered bridges, etc. The roads leading to these fleetering treasures tend to be those of the smaller variety."

    This piece of your post really resonated with me. I often feel that way when i'm out just poking around alone.

    Great post, ride & pics! Thanks for sharing.

  2. i just happened to stumble across your site today, which by-the-way I find is also the best way to ride. Nice job. I especially am intrigued by your fixation on small town post offices in Pa. A great state to ride. Your doing it right. I'll be back often to check on your progress.

    (or just google stlongrider)

  3. Thanks, stlongrider. Glad you stumbled across my blog. I totally agree ... the best way I've to find cool stuff is to just go out wandering around the country. I am so far behind on getting my ride written up for the blog, but I'm working on it. I made a trip up your way to the Finger Lakes Region in June 2010, but haven't posted the log on that one yet. Nice country!

    I'll be taking a look at your blog.
    Claye (Fleeter)