#108 NE Corner-Bass Harbor Lighthouse

September 5, 2007
61 miles

NE Corner Trip
Day 6

Our first stop was the post office and then off to the slower half of Mount Desert Island.
Today we will see parts of the Island where the locals tend to outnumber the tourists.

We had lunch at the Seawall Grill. I had to try the lobster roll.

Leaving the Seawall Grill, we rode across the seawall (a road across a bunch of rocks) on the way to the Seawall Campground.
Seawall Campground is part of Acadia National Park and has a couple of stamps. These would be easy stamps to acquire without having to deal with the tourists over at the main part on the Park. But why, oh why, would anyone want to come this close and not ride the loop road, see Thunder Hole, and ride up to Cadillac Mountain?!
While stopping at one of the campground facilities, we met a couple from Michigan pulling a trailer with their Goldwing. They had plenty room for all their camping equipment. They also had the campground all to themselves on this Wednesday after Labor Day. We shared road stories for over an hour, before they went on to set up camp and we continued down the road in search of a lighthouse located on the southern tip of the island.Moving on down the road, we found the Bass Harbor Head Light. Signs for it anyway...
There's the bell, but where's the light house? It should be around here somewhere.
THERE IT IS! Now that's an odd place for a lighthouse...down in the bushes...

Let's see if we can get around there closer.
Come on down this path, then...
...down these stairs.
Okay, we found the water...and a lot of rocks.
But where's the light?
I found it!
Sure looks taller from this angle, doesn't it?!
We leave Bass Harbor Head Light and head into town. Not a big place...here's the post office.

A few miles up the road is even a smaller place....Seal Cove.
Continuing around the Island on ME102, we come to the north end of Long Pond.Doesn't it just make you want to sit and "be" for awhile?

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