#8 Flat Hannah Goes to Strasburg

2005 October 15
217 miles

On this trip we had an extra passenger along. Meet Flat Hannah. She is the creation of a little friend of mine, Hannah, of Fischer, TX. Her first grade class was assigned a project. Each student was to create a flat version of themselves that can be sent off by mail to have an adventure, then return to share stories of their travels with the rest of the class. And so this is how Flat Hannah came to join us on our excursions.

Here is a picture of Flat Hannah as she meets her transportation and driver for the day.
In Sperryville, we saw this place selling locally grown apples. There are a lot of apple orchards in Virginia.
Here’s where we entered into the Shenandoah National Park and crossed the Blue Ridge Mountains.

We stopped to see Yogi Bear at Jelly Stone Park on the other side of the Blue Ridge Mountains on the outside of Luray.

It was close enough to Halloween that we saw some strange things roaming around in the Valley.In New Market, we stopped to eat at the McDonalds.
Flat Hannah was excited to see that Virginia has McDonalds!

Flat Hannah had the chance to see some of the Civil War battlefield areas.

We showed Flat Hannah the Meems Covered Bridge we found on a previous fleetering trip.
Last time we were here the corn in this field was growing taller than Fleeter.
There's Massanutten Mountain on the other side of the field.
Flat Hannah said she wanted to come back to this house to go trick or treating. The sun was getting low as we reached the very northern tip of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Strasburg, Virginia.Thanks for joining Flat Hannah on first fleetering trip!

The next day we took Flat Hannah into Washington, D.C. – even though this wasn’t part of the official Fleeter Travels, Flat Hannah wants to share some pictures of what she saw.
Stay tuned for another entry with D.C. pictures.

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