#54 Shiloh Hornets' Nest

Hornets' Nest in Shiloh National Military Park

October 22, 2006

I spent the night in Tupelo, Mississippi and this morning hit the trail on the Natchez Trace Parkway again. Picked up several stamps at the local Trace Visitor Center. I passed on at least one stamp that I already picked up elsewhere. After stamping, I headed north to Brices Cross Roads.

The night brought a wave of heavy rains and the roads still showed it.
Looking back to where I've been.

Brices Cross Roads Memorial
Small cabin near a battle field at Brices Cross Roads.
There's no sun shining though the thick clouds today.
Results are darker pictures and cold fingers.
Stamps from Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center.
Entering into Tennessee on TN22. The leaf color is getting prettier the farther north I go, but without the sun to light them up they look muted.
Entering Shiloh NMP.

This fellow is from Corinth, about 20 miles from Shiloh. He set himself a goal when he turned 80 years old...to ride at least 100 miles a month on his bike. So far he's keeping up with his goal. He likes to ride the Shiloh Park loop roads.
The visitor center and ...
...the bookstore at the park.
On April 6 & 7, 1862 the fighting was so fierce in the area and loss of life was so high that the area was known as Hornets' Nest. A total of 23,746 men were killed, wounded, or missing in action -- more casualties than America had suffered in all previous wars...in just these two days of the Civil War.

Three stamps located at Shiloh NMP.

Another Veteran's Memorial...this one is in Crump, TN.
Another nice shot of the muted colors...just think what they might look like with the sun shining!

Today the temperatures ranged from 49-54 degrees with overcast skies and not a hint of sun. It was a bit cold fleetering today. I've decided that it's time to put on my long johns, start using glove liners and add extra scarves to the neck. It's time to get serious with the weather! Now I'm wishing I had more than just a wind deflector...

Tomorrow: Just how cold will it be tomorrow?!

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