#30 Women in Motorcycling Conference in Athens, GA

2006 June 29-July 3

GTT Trip

The International Women in Motorcycling Conference was held in Athens, Georgia from June 29 - July 3, 2006. The site of the conference is The Classic Center in Athens, Georgia.

This is just a few of the motorcycles parked on the side of the Center. These two women from England have been riding their motorcycles through South America and decided to come to Athens for the conference. Their website: www.bugbitten.com/shoandpat I met Voni Glaves, a retired school teacher from Lawrence, Kansas who is well known in the world of long distance motorcycling for officially logging more miles than any other woman in recorded history. She has logged over 700,000 miles riding her BMW motorcycles oll over the world.
Link to an article about Voni: www.cycleconnections.com/articledetail.asp?TypeID=7&ID=273 Check out Fleeter's new Motolights mounted to the front wheel brake calipers. Can you picture 200 women on their motorcycles parading through town? It was a sight!I also met Jessica Prokup, editor of RoadBike magazine. There were motorcycles available for demo rides. Here I am on Yamaha's FZ6.And I rather liked Yamaha's FJR Sport Touring motorcycle.

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