#20 Bryan & Bellville

2006 May 22-23
345 miles
I made a couple of day trips while staying with a friend in Magnolia, Texas.

On Monday, May 22nd, I rode to College Station/Bryan to visit with Jamie, an old friend from Orange, Texas. We took a ride to Brenham, where we enjoyed a leisurely lunch, shot some pool, and did lots of "catching up," since we hadn't seen each other in over 4 years.

Snook, Texas

The next day, I traveled through Hempstead, Texas on my way to Bellville to meet a new-old friend. Highway 159 crossing the Brazos River. The Brazos River, Pecan trees and Johnson grass...this must be Texas.Bellville, TexasThe Old Austin County Jail...now a museum. "Cowboy" is the blacksmith at The Blacksmith Shop in Bellville.

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  1. Claye...now you're hanging around in God's (and my) country.
    Hempstead used to be called Six-gun Junction because of all the gunfights.
    Theory is still in practice today.
    Question: How to tell a Texas bar?
    Answer: When you walk in the door they frisk you. If you don't have a gun, they give you one.